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Authentically Beautiful

Who is Red Summer? She is a poet, spoken word artist, actor, activist, and entrepreneur. That’s just a few titles to describe this multifaceted woman. You can include mother, daughter, and friend to that list. All of these titles create such a dynamic woman.

Red Summer is a woman of captivating beauty. Her smile. Her soulful eyes. A natural beauty she is. But we know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but being attractive does not constitutes beautiful. When judging a woman’s beauty, one must take into account her personality, her talent, and her humanity. You have to look past Red Summer’s physical attributes to see her authentic beauty.

For 13 years, she has dedicated her life to poetry. She began writing poetry in high school, cultivated it into spoken word in college and became Red Summer in Chicago after graduating from Grambling University. According to her, “Poetry really has paved the way for me to be doing all that I’m doing now. The travel, the friends in all sorts of walks of life, the support and my survival as an artist…” After seeing her perform her poetry especially my personal favorites, “How to Get Your Ex Back” and “She Just Like to Look at Me,” with such conviction and emotion, acting is natural for her.

While surfing through Netflix, I found the lesbian series, Friends and Lovers and spotted Red Summer in a small part. Then I spotted her recurring role as “Jess”, a jealous girlfriend of fellow poet Look Alive’s character Rae on the popular lesbian web series Between Women.  Her light shined bright in every scene, without being the star in either show. Actually, you may have seen her on a recent episode of Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids Edition with bride, Onyx, her sister artist at M. Power Productions. 

While Red Summer performs around the country and acts in multitude of plays, web series and TV shows, she knows how to handle her business. Red Summer in everything she does is a brand. As a fan of quality art you can see her poetry on YouTube, buy her book on Amazon, or see her in a play. This woman is so vibrant that it has made this article hard to write. Look for yourself. She’s living life to the fullest and sharing it with us through her art, and that’s the mark of a true artist. To describe Red Summer in a few words is authentically beautiful. It’s a pleasure to witness her growth in the complexities of being human.

Check her out on or follow her on Twitter at @redsummer or like her Facebook page, Red Summer. I will post some of her videos of her spoken word performance. See for yourself how authentically beautiful she is. 

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